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Rock Chick  - Kristen Ashley This book was incredibly difficult to read without constantly rolling my eyes. I am an avid reader and I have never disliked a main character more than I do India. My biggest issue with this author is that she took serious shortcuts to create drama - these shortcuts were implausible or if not then indicative that her heroine is a moron who takes unnecessary risks therefore placing risk on the heads of those charged to protect her. It was tiresome after the 2nd time she was "kidnapped." The third time? I was rooting for the bad guy.

Also the author was real big on using stereotypes... the stoners all say "dude" and "dudette" (newsflash: stoners don't REALLY talk like that unless they're in Fast Times at Ridgemont High OR still living in the 1970s) and the "Rock Chicks" dress like they're in a Whitesnake video. And who walks around referring to themselves as "rock chick?"

Finally, the drama was entirely over the top and again implausible. A food fight at a Chinese restaurant which began with a "bitch" who actually says in front of Lee's mother and sister (as well as about 8 other women) that he enjoys BJ's in the morning? Really? You expect me as a woman in 2013 to believe that this happened outside of a high school cafeteria?

The author COULD have created more logical scenarios to advance the story ... Especially as to the relationship between Lee and India. She has been in love with him since she's 5, finds out he is in love with her but then goes on a "break" because he told her not to leave the house looking like a whore (which according to the two other males in the room, she did, in fact, look like a whore?). And to "avoid" him she goes to the mall to buy an entirely new wardrobe, make up and undergarments... seriously? Because of a disagreement about what she was wearing? After she flirted with another man in front of him?

I think Lee - even with all his alpha-male tendencies - should have had to turn in his man card for putting up with her.

A good friend who has never steered me wrong recommended this series and I trust her judgment so because of that I'm hoping this book is a fluke and am actually going to read the second.

Wish me luck.